Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Shedding Skin - Wednesday, 18th July, 2007

Inspired by Reya's Blog and then intern by Susan's here is my first entry.

My experience yesterday of the red dragonfly visiting me at my window is still present with me. My thoughts were still on Reya's Blog sharing her experience of nature.
Previous to the dragonfly I had been witnessing my downstairs neighbours young cat meeting the ginger tom. Cats are extraordinary. The tom stood his ground staring. This went on for ages. Until the neighbour came out and the tom ran a little distance away. However as soon as it noticed the young cat running after him, he promtly lay down. He did not stand, sit. No..he lay down proclaiming that piece of land his terrority!

Thinking of who I have been and who I think I fact not being present!...and I have wondered if I can link in with the still point of the flight of the dragon fly...then maybe I can be present.

Here is quote I read from Peter Gabriel being interviewed in the Big Issue..which I related to...

"We are not often able to see ourselves, and if you look at the fringes you see the centre".

Which also leads me onto reflecting on the centre of oursevles encompassing the all. If I truly 'got' that my ego mind would truly be in a panic!

Yesterday I was connecting with the part of me that want to hurt that which I love. Madness!...apparently William Blake has written a poem about this perversity in human nature.

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