Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Autumn Delights

Many thanks for Moonroot posting Autumn Senses ~ I loved it so much here are mine...

Five Autumn Sights
Crisp blue morning sky ~ Blue evening sky with turkish delight orange ~ sun light shining through gold coloured leaves ~ mist laying low on land ~ cobwebs covered in dew.

Five Autumn Smells
Hot Chocolate ~ Wood burning on a fire ~ leaf laden woodland ground ~ toasted crumpets with butter ~ cold harp air.

Five Autumn Sounds
Crows crying, croaking and calling! ~ Wind shaking the tree leaves ~ Wind rattling window ~ rain tapping on roof ~ fire crackling.

Five Autumn Tastes
Roasted Chicken english style with potatoes, parsnips, bread sauce, sweet carrots and loads of gravy! Not sure if that is more or less of Five?!

Five Autumn Sensations
Holding hands with my love warm on the palms cold on the outside, cold tip of my nose, winds shifting and moving against my skin, shorter daylight ~ coming home in the dark ~ waking up in the dark, goose pimpled skin with warm belly.


Moonroot said...

Wow, I'm glad you liked my list so much! I love yours, and read it thinking 'why didn't I think of that? why didn't I think of that??'. Great post.

Moonroot said...

Meant to say I especially love the holding hands one...

dragonfly said...

Oh great!...means allot coming from the orginal 'author'!...maybe others will pick up the idea?
And the holding hands one felt heart felt and came without me having to think about it!