Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Peacock Dreams ~ Creation Myth

The Supreme Creator created Peacock Angel as an emanation at the beginning of time. He was brought into manifestation to be a vehicle with which to create and administer the universe. Tawsi Melek is thus a tangible, denser form of the Supreme Creator. In order to assist Tawsi Melek in this important role, the Supreme Creator also created six other Great Angels, who were, like the Peacock Angel, emanations of the Supreme Creator.

Tawsi Melek was the first to emerge from the Light in the form of a seven-rayed rainbow, which is a form he still today continues to manifest within (usually as a rainbow around the Sun). Tawsi Melek and the six Great Angels are collectively the seven colors of the rainbow. The six Great Angels were originally part of Tawsi Melek, the primal rainbow. Of the seven colors produced from the primal rainbow, Tawsi Melek became associated with the color blue, because this is the color of the sky and the heavens, which is the source of all colors.

The Supreme Creator created a pearl containing the substance or substratum of the soon-to-be physical universe.For forty thousand years this pearl sat upon a primal bird ~ Tawsi Melek before he divided into the Seven Great Angels. This pearl then exploded to become the physical universe. Once the Seven Great Angels were created the Earth was produced by the Seven Great Angels out of the substratum of the original pearl. It remained barren and then suddenly entered a phase of intense continual shaking, perhaps coinciding with the violent earthquake and volcanic activity that was ubiquitous around the young Earth. In order to calm the planetary quaking, the Supreme God sent the Peacock Angel to Earth with orders to both sedate the Earth and endow it with multi-colored flora and fauna. As Tawsi Melek descended into the physical dimension his seven-colored rainbow self became manifest as a magnificent bird of seven colors, the peacock. He then flew around the globe in order to bless every part of it, finally landing in the area of what is now Lalish, the Yezidis most sacred part of Earth located in northern Iraq. Here Tawsi Melek was able to calm the Earth while simultaneously covering it with his peacock colors.

E.S.Dower ~ Peacock Angel ~ http://www.avesta.org/yezidi/peacock.htm

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


I have bought the book 'The Book of Secrets' by Deepak Chopra. I have been dipping into it....in the Chapter 'The Universe Thinks Through You' Deepak speaks about the mind moving between two positions ~ Free Will and Determinism. Some people say they come from Free Will where all choice is their own. While others are more Determinist ~ like those believing their actions are the Will of an outside being 'God. Deepak also adds a third grouping who 'sit on the fence'. Connected to this Deepak writes about how the mind fixes on cause and effect. This is the ultimate physical reality. However, he says there is another reality which is outside of this dualism which is Being itself. This Being merges both the Free Will and Determinism.

All this theory sound grand to me. However, my experience is that I am well and truly stuck in between dualism of my mind and Determinism of how I experience myself as part of the system. Stuck. So I rage, cry and grieve.

Maybe there is another way?

I think of Moonroot who found another way out of the cancelling of Avalon WitchCamp to the Summer Gathering. A Third road. That is what I would like to aspire to more. Letting go so that I can embrace life...creativity....

Today the Urban Angel gave me a Xmas Card this morning. I am aware how open he is every time I pass him in the morning and how vunerable he appeared to me when he fumbled in his pocket for the card. I am sure being Homeless he has so often been overlooked and dismissed. But yet he celebrates life and is so resiliant. In a huge city where intimacy ~ communion ~ community is so fragile this is a gift.

The Universe Thinks Through You ~ Deepak Chopra

"My body and the universe come from the same source, obey the same rhythms, flash with the same storms of electromagnetic activity. My body can't afford to argue over who created the universe. Every cell would disappear the second it stopped creating itself. So it must be that the universe is living and breathing through me. I am an expression of everything in existence."

"To you a thought is an image or idea floating through your mind. To the universe ~ and here we mean the universal intelligence that permeates the swarm of galaxies, black holes, and interstellar dust ~ a thought is a step in evolution. Its a creative act."

"Desire is built into the scheme of life"

"Changing Your Reality to Accommodate
The Eleventh Secret
The eleventh secret is about escaping the bondage of cause and affect. The universe is alive and imbued with subjectivity. Cause and effect are just the machinery it uses to carry out what it wants to do. And what it wants to do is to live and breathe through you. To find out the truth of this, you need to relate to the universe as if it were alive. Otherwise, how will you ever know that it is? Today, begin to adopt the following habits:
Talk to the universe
Listen for its reply
Be on intimate terms with Nature
See the life in everything
Carry yourself like a child of the universe."
"Something totally compelling draws your attention when you are in love; once experienced, it is not easily forgotten. You feel as if you are inside your beloved and your beloved inside you. The merging of yourself with something vaster than yourself is a blending of two subjectives. Its been called the relationship of 'I' and 'thou', or the sense of being as a wave on the infinite ocean of Being"
Quote from 'The Book of Secrets' by Deepak Chopra

Paracelsus ii

Sin is the result of Ignorance and Ignorance the cause of sin.

An alternative interpretation to the 'Garden of Eden'.

What is sin? Is being sinful an antithesis of life and living? Somewhere in this question I find myself pondering on willfulness ~ judgement ~ emotion~ thinking ~ sanity....

How extraordinary that the desire for change ~ growth ~ exploration ~ questioning ~ evolving ~ quest ~ knowledge ~ seeking ~ learning ~ could have been so distorted in this story.

To Sin ~ is that to willfully to do wrong.

Recently I read in the newspaper that a jury in UK came to a verdict of manslaughter in a case where a man who was taking crack and heroin stabbed another man for asking him to stop throwing food over his fellow passengers on a bus. The jury's verdict of manslaughter came as a result of the accused saying he was mentally ill. The article did not detail whether the mental illness was said to be as a result of taking the drugs or the drugs were the mans attempts of self-medication due to being mentally ill.I dare say that taking a mixture of crack and heroin would affect anyone's mind. And there would be a history of why a person would be in such a place.

One could look at his life through the 'glasses' of sociology or psychology and be able to track or interpret the history of the person. Would such investigations give reasons?

What are reasons....are they excuses? Or could reasons be a means of looking a complexities.
Would someone be blaming if they said excuse?

Where is the point of responsibility?

Somewhere in the Christian Bible it says that the sins of men are visited in several generations ~ I forget the number. I have found myself interpreting this as making some sense for my journey of healing the past ~ present ~ future. I have seen how patterns of behaviour can be traced back to my parents and back to their parents.

Paracelsus i

"Wherever we rightly search Nature's phenomena we can infer from Manifestation to Cause, from Cause to Thought, from Thought to Law, from Law to Love.

Man should not be subject to Fate, as he now is, but should be a Divine being guarded by Providence, the Divine Mind.

If we could only realise that we are immortal beings, how differently we should live! "



"Keep one foot on the earth, and the other in the heavens." - Shakmah Winddrum

Saturday, 17 November 2007

"The Way into the Light"

"When a child is born, its firmament will be born with the seven organs, which have the power to become like the seven planets, thus to become everything that belongs to his firmament" Paracelsus

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Garden of Eden

"From the Old Hebrew legends the neo~hermetics evolved a curious symbolism, for all it's strangeness quaintly appropiate. To them the heart was analogous to the interior body, while the organs and members surrounding the heart were viewed as the exterior body. Thus, the heart became the 'Garden of Eden' ~ a place of beauty and felicity. The small area within it, now called the pulse point, was recognized as the little interior paradise, which medieval theologian located in the "eastern part" of Eden"

Manly P. Hall
'The Heart, The Seat of Life'

Return to the Centre

"Thus the world has its fiery spirit pervading the atmosphere, and it's centre is called the Sun, and the influences radiating from the sun return to the centre"



The angel of liberty was born before the dawn of the first day, before even the awakening of intelligence, and God Called him the morning star.


Now the Serpent was more subtle then any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman "You, has God said , You shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden"
But the fruit of the Tree which is the midst of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die"
And the serpent said to the woman you shall surely die. For God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then you eyes shall be opened, and you shall be gods, knowing good and evil.
And when the woman saw that the Tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also to her husband with her, and he did eat.
And the eyes of them both were opened and they knew they were naked