Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Paracelsus ii

Sin is the result of Ignorance and Ignorance the cause of sin.

An alternative interpretation to the 'Garden of Eden'.

What is sin? Is being sinful an antithesis of life and living? Somewhere in this question I find myself pondering on willfulness ~ judgement ~ emotion~ thinking ~ sanity....

How extraordinary that the desire for change ~ growth ~ exploration ~ questioning ~ evolving ~ quest ~ knowledge ~ seeking ~ learning ~ could have been so distorted in this story.

To Sin ~ is that to willfully to do wrong.

Recently I read in the newspaper that a jury in UK came to a verdict of manslaughter in a case where a man who was taking crack and heroin stabbed another man for asking him to stop throwing food over his fellow passengers on a bus. The jury's verdict of manslaughter came as a result of the accused saying he was mentally ill. The article did not detail whether the mental illness was said to be as a result of taking the drugs or the drugs were the mans attempts of self-medication due to being mentally ill.I dare say that taking a mixture of crack and heroin would affect anyone's mind. And there would be a history of why a person would be in such a place.

One could look at his life through the 'glasses' of sociology or psychology and be able to track or interpret the history of the person. Would such investigations give reasons?

What are reasons....are they excuses? Or could reasons be a means of looking a complexities.
Would someone be blaming if they said excuse?

Where is the point of responsibility?

Somewhere in the Christian Bible it says that the sins of men are visited in several generations ~ I forget the number. I have found myself interpreting this as making some sense for my journey of healing the past ~ present ~ future. I have seen how patterns of behaviour can be traced back to my parents and back to their parents.

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