Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Peacock Dreams ~ Creation Myth

The Supreme Creator created Peacock Angel as an emanation at the beginning of time. He was brought into manifestation to be a vehicle with which to create and administer the universe. Tawsi Melek is thus a tangible, denser form of the Supreme Creator. In order to assist Tawsi Melek in this important role, the Supreme Creator also created six other Great Angels, who were, like the Peacock Angel, emanations of the Supreme Creator.

Tawsi Melek was the first to emerge from the Light in the form of a seven-rayed rainbow, which is a form he still today continues to manifest within (usually as a rainbow around the Sun). Tawsi Melek and the six Great Angels are collectively the seven colors of the rainbow. The six Great Angels were originally part of Tawsi Melek, the primal rainbow. Of the seven colors produced from the primal rainbow, Tawsi Melek became associated with the color blue, because this is the color of the sky and the heavens, which is the source of all colors.

The Supreme Creator created a pearl containing the substance or substratum of the soon-to-be physical universe.For forty thousand years this pearl sat upon a primal bird ~ Tawsi Melek before he divided into the Seven Great Angels. This pearl then exploded to become the physical universe. Once the Seven Great Angels were created the Earth was produced by the Seven Great Angels out of the substratum of the original pearl. It remained barren and then suddenly entered a phase of intense continual shaking, perhaps coinciding with the violent earthquake and volcanic activity that was ubiquitous around the young Earth. In order to calm the planetary quaking, the Supreme God sent the Peacock Angel to Earth with orders to both sedate the Earth and endow it with multi-colored flora and fauna. As Tawsi Melek descended into the physical dimension his seven-colored rainbow self became manifest as a magnificent bird of seven colors, the peacock. He then flew around the globe in order to bless every part of it, finally landing in the area of what is now Lalish, the Yezidis most sacred part of Earth located in northern Iraq. Here Tawsi Melek was able to calm the Earth while simultaneously covering it with his peacock colors.

E.S.Dower ~ Peacock Angel ~ http://www.avesta.org/yezidi/peacock.htm

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