Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Universe Thinks Through You ~ Deepak Chopra

"My body and the universe come from the same source, obey the same rhythms, flash with the same storms of electromagnetic activity. My body can't afford to argue over who created the universe. Every cell would disappear the second it stopped creating itself. So it must be that the universe is living and breathing through me. I am an expression of everything in existence."

"To you a thought is an image or idea floating through your mind. To the universe ~ and here we mean the universal intelligence that permeates the swarm of galaxies, black holes, and interstellar dust ~ a thought is a step in evolution. Its a creative act."

"Desire is built into the scheme of life"

"Changing Your Reality to Accommodate
The Eleventh Secret
The eleventh secret is about escaping the bondage of cause and affect. The universe is alive and imbued with subjectivity. Cause and effect are just the machinery it uses to carry out what it wants to do. And what it wants to do is to live and breathe through you. To find out the truth of this, you need to relate to the universe as if it were alive. Otherwise, how will you ever know that it is? Today, begin to adopt the following habits:
Talk to the universe
Listen for its reply
Be on intimate terms with Nature
See the life in everything
Carry yourself like a child of the universe."
"Something totally compelling draws your attention when you are in love; once experienced, it is not easily forgotten. You feel as if you are inside your beloved and your beloved inside you. The merging of yourself with something vaster than yourself is a blending of two subjectives. Its been called the relationship of 'I' and 'thou', or the sense of being as a wave on the infinite ocean of Being"
Quote from 'The Book of Secrets' by Deepak Chopra

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