Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Blessings to the bumble bee

Woke in morning in our evolving home
Camping inside with a log burning fire,
breath solidifying in the merging morning.

Tip toe in dust laden crazy paved floor into maze of wire snakes and ladders.
I feel an emerging presence stirring by my naked toes.
A giant thunder in still tiny translucent wings,
small round and furry with black many eyed face stirred by the sun.
Legs swimming.

With heart pounding ~ into my hand I scoop,
fearful of a burning sting I run,
to a crisp golden sheltered spot,
placing down into ash and fallen leaves.

Two days of frost follow.
I find the Bee,
silent and cold.
Blessings to the bumble bee


Moonroot said...

This is so beautiful - and so sad. Lovely writing. Thank you.

dragonfly said...

Many thanks Mooonroot....I am very pleased that my poem has appeared to conveyed my experience....yes it was very sad...and wondered if I could have lived with a bumble bee or two in the home! love Dragonfly

industrialpoppy said...

There a few things in life as wondrous and beautiful as the bumblebee-there are so few around now...it is so very sad to me.

Silver Fox said...

Hello industrialpoppy...yes I very much reasonate with what you've said here. Very sad. Having said that I have noticed this spring an explosion of bumble bees in the Brecon Beacon area!....maybe there are in other areas too? A friend of mine said she thought it was the bumble bees compensating for the decline other bees...what ever the cause/reason I found it an absolute delight to behold!