Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Eyed Hawk Moth caterpillar crossed my path

"This is a spectacular hawk-moth, with curving wing margins and large blue and black eye patches on the rear wings, which have pink bases. These eye spots can only be seen when the moth is disturbed, when it flashes them.
The moths are usually flying between May and July.
The caterpillars feeds on willow, aspen, apple and rarely poplar and are found from about late June to September, feeding mainly at night.
They grow up to 7. 5cm long, are bluish-green with whitish oblique stripes on the side, each of these stripes often having a red dot on a spiracle near the base.
The caterpillars have a blue 'horn' at one end which distinguishes them from the otherwise similar larva of the poplar hawk-moth.
This moth is found throughout England, but it is rare in the northernmost counties." http://www.plantpress.com/


heavenabove said...

I believe I found one of these very same caterpillars here in Billings, Montana USA. I am trying to raise it right now.

dragonfly said...

Hello, Just in case you fly this way again. Thank you for posting your comment :o) Elizabeth