Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Shakti ~ Power

As a force in the universe, shakti powers everything, from the planets in their orbit to the radiant power of the sun...from the smallest atom to the grandest galaxy. Any kind of force, power, or influence has its genesis in shakti, and shakti is feminine in nature....
We know, for example, that an entire oak tress, twig and trunk, the oak tree exists in a dormant state in the acorn. But through the application of energy acting through time, the tree unfolds from its dormant state. The sublime, alchemical process of photosynthesis blends the energies of the sunlight, water and the mineral into a growth process that produces a gigantic tree from the tiny humble acrorn. We know that applying these same energies to a rock will not achieve the same result. It is only because the oak tree is already within the acorn in some form that such a transformation from seed to tree is possible.
Similarily, it is only because the Goddess exists in all of us that it is possible to exhibit her attributes and powers."
Shakti Mantras ~ by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

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