Monday, 9 February 2009

Earth Angels by Stewart Pearce

“It was no longer a secret. In many ways they were like the dynamic, yet peaceful atmosphere they emanated. Loving, radiant, generous, warm…………they always appeared to be in the right place at the right time. These were the people who had remembered with courage to listen to their hearts, to their instinct, to their soul. These were the people who treated others with kindness, and turned their ideas into action, and their dreams into realities. Mutual welfare, co-creativity and community benefit was their salutation. Crisis equals opportunity was their motto.
LIFE was revered as the most potent of forces, and so they never feared the shadow of death, knowing it to be an illusion.
So strong was their spirit, that everywhere they went they inspired others with luminous integrity……an integrity that gently spread loving mists of encouragement through the layers of amnesia which kept others from claiming the true memory of their destiny. So they inspired others to be led by the contents of their heart and spirit, and so moved others to stretch their minds and to cultivate elasticity.
This was no fairy tale. No woolly headed idealists were they. These people gained their resilience from swimming upstream, through years of confrontation, through their transmutation of personal trauma, and through transforming the fear about daring to be different when socially opposed. These people gained their freedom by penetrating their own pain, and the void of their own alone-ness.
These were the ones whose lives were rich with painful experiences, ones that had gracefully flowered through self-knowledge, through the power of reaping abundance from adversity, and through revealing their compassionate hearts. These were the ones who, before they moved into other dimensions of being, remembered to reclaim their power whilst on earth. These are the EARTH ANGELS.”

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