Saturday, 18 April 2009

Who is watching who?

Just after I took this photo the man shewed the peacock away. I thought the man must be frightened! I then fed the peacock my oat biscuit ~ he was gentle ~ and as a result of being so close I got some gorgeous pictures...with his permission of course. Prior to this I had heard him calling above the cacophony of children's whoops, shouts and crying. I couldn't work out where he was for ages. And then after one huge call I clocked where he was. On a mound over looking the busiest part of Kew. Protected by a fence on a wonderful stage! Stretched out and pruning his wonderful feathers.


Moonroot said...

Lovely photos from Kew!
Sorry I missed your call the other night.

dragonfly said...

Hi Moonroot!
Glad you liked the photos!
Love E :o)