Sunday, 31 May 2009

Goddess Litany

She folded into infinity
At the centre and the circumference of all
In the Silence the never ending embrace

In the eyes of new born babes she dances the Song of Elders
Black ashen feet She dances

Rattle bone brittle into dust
Stars of pain and joy

With dew from her tongues she forges your heart
Burn smoulder sharpened carved
You bright flame the first born
Black as the innocent

Silver Fox

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dancing in the Sky

I am your desire

Light in your hand
Dancing in the sky

Dust of stars my throat burbling springs of joy
Oceans deep with teeth of mountains and
Sharp mirror to your eyes

Sound your longing
That birth you into being
In the cavern of my breast

I was born to desire you

Your kiss burning my heart
Your winged eyes fan the heavens
A thousand suns beating in your veins
Blood of heaven
Blood of earth
Blood of body
Blood of Light
Blood of Life
Blood of Death

silver fox

Tender Care

Today I walked along the road I have walked many times.
A road where I pass many people who I choose not to notice or remember.
Today I passed a man. His face twisted red raw. His skin twisting turning inside out.
Invisible man. Skinning himself alive.
Eyes burning. Lost.
This is his life.
This is his breath.
Where is his love?
Whose tender care gazes on his face now?

silver fox

I Choose

For much of the day my thoughts have been on the Black Heart of Innocence.
Is it possible? Is it attainable?
This evening I choose differently...

I choose to risk. To leap. With the rejoice and yell and yelp calling unto me the choice to risk with intent and abondon. With Faith and lack of attachment. With Letting go calling Goddess Hand of Creation on my tongue.
I choose to keep my loved ones near and dare to keep those who I would have chosen to name my enemies closer. To love my shadow who desires craving and longing. To be Loved. To Love.
I choose to risk. To Leap. With the rejoice and yell and yelp calling unto me the choice to thank the Gods for my life. To thank the Gods for my laughter, tears and fears and joy.
I Choose to risk. To Leap. With rejoice and yell and yelp calling unto me the choice to feel. To feel alive. Living Lifes possiblities.
I choose to be fully alive and in doing dare to risk all that is and can be.
I choose to be fully alive. Wilderness in my blood. All that has been and will be.
Blessed Be Kali

Friday, 8 May 2009



In Darkness Mirror

In Darkness Mirror by Storm Faerywolf

There is a light

In the darkness of night

The Radiant Jewel

The giver of sight

She spirals above in Her cosmic cacophony

As galaxies whirling proclaim Her great majesty.

She shines from above in Her pale lunar symphony

To Shine down below in terrestrial destiny.

Shine down below....shine down below....

The star-child sleeps in the earth down below

Into the darkness womb of Earth

The place where meets both death and birth

A light, forgotten, now rests in its place

Dressed in the darkness of matter and space.

A light from the darkness! Arise from your place!

He stretches his feathers

He lifts up his face

He dances in spirals

And allures Her embrace.

Two lights in the darkness,

Two sides of Her face.

Their love is eternal

To which they belong.

Love and Beloved,

The Mirror! The song!

The blackness of midnight

The promise of dawn.

Reveal the secret, the veil is drawn!

Nine points the star that forms the Gate

And Seven tumblers the lock

By five the key to earthly space

Her Triple Will in Life we walk.

The two have melted now together

And One is fleeing from the shade

Into the darkness of oblivion

And here we see our prayer is made.

Into the face of darkness mirror

We clear our thoughts and cast our gaze,

As Ana the Black will make things clearer,

At least when comes our end of days