Friday, 31 July 2009

Upside down/inside out ~ Kettles Yard

" In creating Kettles Yard and leaving it for future generations to enjoy, Jim Ede created a conundrum for his successors. His intention had been to open people's eyes and minds, and, at the same time, to introduce them to the art of their time. He envisaged that Kettles Yard would gradually evolve but, at the same time, this was the house that he had made for his collection and, by the time he left in 1973, each object had found it's appointed place in relation to it's neighbours" p2 Michael Harrison director. upside down/inside out Kettles Yard

"Kettles Yard is an embodiment of an aesthetic that sought to harmonize culture and nature through the sympathetic integration of works of art, pieces of furniture, and natural objects in a domestic setting. It is a proposal for a way of living in harmony with nature. Its characteristics are simplicity and modesty, unpretentious works of art, natural materials, white-washed walls, and simple design. Its creator, Jim Ede, treated the found 'valueless' (stones) with the same respect as the man-made and 'priceless' (Brancusi sculptures)." p9 - Michael Craig-Martin. upside down/inside out Kettles Yard

Woodland Home

A Low Impact Woodland Home in Wales UK- cost £3,000 self built. Reminds me of a hobbit home! Incredibly inspiring - here is the link includes how to build details/plans etc