Monday, 17 August 2009

Big Green Gathering Cancelled

The Big Green Gathering has been going for 15 years. A Peacefully held and sustainable run event accessable to all including those on low income and families. However this year under the so called threat of Public Safety and Crime + Disorder ~ the event was forced into being cancelled. Why after 15 years is there this now apparent threat? Threat of what to what?
I fear that this will set a precedent. This is a drip drip drip of an extremist fear ridden run state. I have to include myself in tuning out the sound and sensation of this slow rising alarm. It is an ocean that would cry and rage. It can also be an ocean of joy and song.
I think how timely is Jez Butterworth's Jersusalem ~ at the end Jonny pounded on the drum ~ calling on the heart ~ calling on the ancestors who hold memory in the blood and earth. We are left with this sound growing louder and louder until darkness falls.

I wish for courage and creative solutions. To drink in this ocean. Be carried by it's depths.
I am drawn to quote from Shambhala - The Sacred Path of the Warrior ~ by Chogyam Trungpa ~

"The ideal of warriorship is that the warrior should be sad and tender, and because of that, the warrior can be very brave as well. Without heartfelt sadness, bravery is brittle like a china cup. If you drop it, it will break or chip. But the bravery of the warrior is like a lacquer cup, which has a wooden base covered with layers of lacquer. If the cup drops, it will bounce rather than break. It is soft and hard at the same time" P50.
Here is an article from

"The Big Green Gathering 2009 Cancelled after Council Injuction Threat Flagship green event, The Big Green Gathering was threatened with High Court injunction proceedings if they were unable to satisfy a number of concerns that Mendip District Council had. In a statement released today, Directors of The Big Green Gathering have been forced to cancel the 2009 festival, surrendering their license for the event.
The much loved and well attended family friendly green festival, which attracts around 20,000 visitors, caters for most tastes and covers many aspects of sustainability and environmental concerns. Activities on site would have included arts and crafts fields, a healing area where people can try alternative therapies and treatments, a children’s area and campaigns fields, as well as providing a range of eating and entertainment experiences for those attending, including music presented in tents powered by renewable energy.
Mendip District Council threatened the injunction, supported by the police, on grounds of concerns about security, requesting that The Big Green Gathering employed a security firm to satisfy their concern. Further concerns such as dissatisfaction that adequate signage directing visitors to the location of the festival and sufficient risk assessments, fire, policing and ambulance services were in place or could be put in place by the start of the festival on Wednesday added fuel to the council’s argument and left the directors of The Big Green Gathering with no alternative than to cancel the event.
Councillor Tom Killon said the council had tried to work closely with the organisers of the green festival to ensure smooth running of the event, and although the license for the event was granted on 30th June with the organisers being under the impression that any problems had been resolved, Killon said that the emergency services and council had remaining unconvinced that enough had been done to enable safe running of the event. He said,
“When there is a risk to public safety and the potential for crime and disorder then we have no other option but to ensure that the event does not take place.
“Although I accept that this will come as a disappointment to some, we have a duty to protect the public.”
The director’s statement echoes communications from Avon and Somerset Police, and urges people who were planning to attend the event not to make the journey as police would likely turn them away. They are keen to discourage confrontation and public disorder despite being fully aware of the unhappiness the decision to cancel the event will cause."
"The Darker the Jewel the Brighter the Light" Victor Anderson

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