Monday, 2 November 2009

Poems from Kevin Macneil ~ Love and Zen

i see you rising

'Dh' iarr am muir a thadhal'
'The sea requested its visit'

i see you rising over lochs
and where your father sleeps
is pouring through your eyes,
his green boat, broken, cradled in your arms

the Minch is calmer tonight,
the waves uneasy
under a stary, disquieting, safisfying breeze


The Flowers

I said to the flowers: 'You're shining'.
The flowers asked me: 'Keep breathing out'.
I said to the rain showers: 'You are my tears'.
The rain showers told me: 'As you say, we are your tears'.

And the flowers were so much brighter
so much more alive
so much more human.

Between tears
I begged and
begged of the flowers:
'Keep on breathing in.'

Outer Hebrides