Sunday, 21 February 2010

To my Arctic Sisters

The time for me spent with you all was precious and powerful
where we were mirrored in the land.
Where the stars at our feet were light when I fell deep
I feared I would drown in their softness.
Where the white was not white but reflected the rainbow.
Where Spruce trees as black stars
reaching up to twinkling eyes,
draws life from deep in the earth.
Where the sleeping bear dreams
a laugh that rumbled deep in our bellies.
Where I could feel thunder crack of ice
as my feet dared to walk naked and bare,
Upon black waters hiding silver flares
and black wings that sliced the blue sky.
Where the stillness held my grief and gave eternity to joy.
Where as I embraced the cold that cut
I connected to our brightest golden star.
Where I fell into a Vast Love.
silver fox

Friday, 12 February 2010

Land of the Bear Jan~Feb 2010


The breadth of space and

The depth of the Earth

Stream through the eye of the needle

The secret of living

Penetrate each other and below

And create life

The meeting is perfect.

If you look at Spruce from directly above, the star-shaped patterns of the branches will remind you of a snowflake...The power of the Spruce is there to facilitate the creative act between Heaven and Earth. Spruce is an important antenna for the cosmic forces. The Earth catches these forces with the help of trees, and mirrors the harmony of the universe and the music of the spheres deep into the crystalline structures of the rocks, among other places" The Tree Angel Oracle by F Hageneder & A Heng.

Antique Sami Shaman Drum ~ Sami Museum Jokkmokk and Snow
May we feel the tender toes
of spirits dancing
on the lining of our hearts.
Sounding a bell in our Souls
thunder beings
in our blood.

Jokkmokk Medieval Market -32

Wolfman & Bearman

My Breath freezes

The Road Home. The Road North