Thursday, 19 August 2010

"We are born of the stars,
part of the wider realms
and all between.
Life is connection.
Remember, we travel the stars
and feed on the Sun and Moon.
The Ancestors walked
with courage and huge minds
to anchor the spirit of
mountain peaks to the spirit of
the stars, and called on their
pulsing light to enhance life.
That was the gift they sent
forward in time to serve
those who followed.
That was the promise
they honoured"
Song of the Old Tides ~ Barry Brailsford


Reya Mellicker said...

I do feel that the mountain peaks are anchored to the stars. Never had the language for that sense, but yes. Wow.

I wanted to mention, too, that the "Big Ole Serious Shamanic rattle" I talked about in my post today is the one you made me - it looks like a bone, has a feather hanging from it, and is filled with stones you collected in Wales. That is a serious rattle. I love it so much.

Silver Fox said...

Oh wow. thank you Reya I did wonder. As I have been thinking of your Rattle as I am going to be making another Rattle ~ a sister to that one with elements from the Western Isles... And Yes mountain peaks anchored to the you say such beautiful language. XX