Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Peace Warrior, Sacred Fool, Wounded Healer

In the past I have labelled myself as not having the capacity to communicate or understand due to being dyslexic. In doing so I deprived myself of the power to speak. For years I limited my vocabulary for fear of mispelling. For fear of being misunderstood or being laughed at. For it is common for those with dyslexia to mix up/exchange similar sounding words. However, I have more recently realized the upside of this blurring, created meanings which I hadn't expected! I then realized that this is a great tool for learning and being creative. So coming from this place of seeing words as an organic evolving process I have been asking ~ Can a Warrior be Peaceful? Can a Fool be Sacred. Can a Healer have wounds?

A friend of mine flagged up this wonderful resource: http://citizensoulpower.com/ following an enquiry we have been having the phrase Peaceful Warrior came up. So I went to the page Spirit Warrior where upon there was a list of all the individuals who made such a difference. People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King. I found myself thinking how an individual has the power to do and make so much positive difference. And I was aware how often I have put people up on pedestals so as to limit my own power and potential. I have said to myself there was something unique about them. They were born special. Or like E.Tolle and others like him awoke to awareness in a flash. What they did was extra-ordinary. They are unique individuals. Not 'like the rest of us'.

However I was also reminded of the occasions that I have dared to step out of my own comfort zone, and respond or act beyond what I or others expected. This has created wonderful experiences and occurrences. Sometimes in ways that I could not have imagined. And sometimes this has come from me daring to do something in advance, and other times has happened in the moment. But at all times I was daring to be open to possibility. Daring to be open. To be alive.

For instance I have on many occasions stepped outside of my front door with the intent to smile at people I do not know. I have not only watched at how often people smile back. But I also watch how often I can dare not to care whether this smile is given back. So it is more about giving than receiving. I was daring to see people not as strangers but as people who are like me. I also noticed that in daring to step out of my comfort zone ~ I was daring myself to seem different in my own eyes or others. Daring to be seem silly or foolish. I was inviting the Sacred Fool. Who is in fact courageous.

So for me being a Peaceful Warriors has strong links with the archetype of the Sacred Fool. The Fool who can speak the unspeakable. Who reveals hidden truths. Hidden Treasure. Who reveals wisdom through laughter and joy. The Fool who dares to be different. Dances on the edge. Dances in chaos and creativity. As in the Tarot Card the Fool dares to listen to the dog that nips at his heals and leaps off the edge.

In the Shambhala Buddhist tradition Warrior is referred to as daring to be fully awake. Daring to be open and vulnerable. Connected to our heart. Being authentic is one of the first steps of this process.

As I experience time speeding up. Synchronises abounding. 2012 galloping nearer. With the escalation of world events mirroring the growing awareness for change. I understand this evolutionary shift is an internal and external process. It is circular. We are at a turning point for ourselves and our planet where we need to embrace change. With change comes the possibility for fear; because it is the unknown. But with change also comes the potential for growth, expansion, creativity, healing. All of which gives an opportunity to be in the moment now. And not to wait for another/others to live dreams hopes and aspirations for us. Waiting for the 'perfect time' to be 'more sorted' 'more healed' 'less tired'. In fact all those stories are ways of remaining small. Fear of being vulnerable and alive in the moment.

So maybe this new evolutionary shift where I am hearing it is time for people to evolve into higher vibrations. Maybe another way of looking at this is through another phrase ~ Wounded Healer. Maybe it's not about hierarchy and who will be more evolved than others? For we are all healers. Maybe it's not about having that flash of light, being healed and then going out and doing what we dreamed. But that the flash of light is taking that leap to discover our true selves. Dare to be awkward, nervous, 'get it wrong'. The Fool can seem childlike. S/he understands that growing pains are part of the process. The Fool has an open heart. Is trusting and joyful. This enables her/him to take that leap of faith. While at the same time Accepting where s/he is.

So dare we leap off the edge into the unknown? Be open hearted, be vulnerable and invite the Sacred Fool. Dare we sit with our wounds and in doing so be healed and be healers? Be Wounded Healers. Be Peace Warriors and dare to comit to life.
For to truly comit to life is to celebrate and care with tender open hearts all life ~ in and through Love. To act from a place of Peace. Out of Love protect life. Be life affirming. Be alive. That is courageous. To Be a Peace Warrior.

We are enough as we are. Through allowing our 'minds to drop down to our hearts anything and everything is possible."

Take that leap! Be Courageous. It's Spring!


Moonroot said...

Excellent post. Lots of stuff making me nod in agreement and lots to think on too. Thanks.
Love you!

Silver Fox said...

hello thank you for dropping by! Love you too :o)