Monday, 25 April 2011

Appreciating Gifts Unexpected

Ashdown Forest

Kew Gardens

With the sunny weather and days off from work I have been able to take the opportunity to go out and be in 'The Nature' as the Swede's say. On Thursday I decided to go for a mini adventure and explore somewhere near that I didn't know. Ashdown Forest. Hoping for bluebells ~ tantalizing just out of touch at the beginning of the trail was a cut off woodland with sea of violet blue. I went on expecting trees green and hoping for blue bells at Ashdown Forest. Instead, I got heathland with panoramic views and honey smelling golden gorse with orange tipped white butterflies and the distant call of cuckoos.

I also met a young man at pooh bridge who had neatly dismantled a computer game each part laid out neatly across the bridge. He proceeded to ask me why I was wearing a dress and trousers. I didn't know how to respond other than I frequently did so. "Weird" was his response and proceeded to show me how his swing across the river worked with the unfortunate side effect of being like a "cheese cutter". An interesting 'modern day' guardian me thought. After getting lost after the bridge I ended my walk with 4 whopping blisters from my trusted Birkenstocks who have never failed me before.

I was curious to experience early on in my walk, not just the once but twice, people more local to the area lost asking me directions. Which I was able to do from my scanty guide book. Later on when I got lost I had mis-interpreted the guide book ~ which was written word not visual map. I had not gone with my instincts which were right.

Two days later somewhat hobbling, I went to Kew Gardens in search of bluebells up close. And bluebells I found in such abundance. So I feel even the blisters are gifts encouraging me to keep reaching outside of my comfort zone, to experience and explore more.

So, what do I do with my old shoes no longer fit for purpose? Can't recycle them yet as I am not ready to walk bare foot in the city. Next time shall I risk not taking a map? My blisters transient, my memories clear and lasting.


Thursday, 14 April 2011


Waiting for the sun to shine with the largest audience he opened up. Cameras flashing lens zooming. A cacophony of screams, screeches, shouts. Children skip run finger tip his feathers. He circles. Wind bellowing his sail. Stills the air before shaking his feathers, rippling eyes flashing fires of stars. Rattle snake whispering stroke of thunder. You are beautiful I say out loud again and again and again...