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Photo of Altai Mountian Range:

Sometimes it takes a few nudges from Spirit for the message to get through. A few weeks ago a woman lent me a book and said to me Spirit had told her that I needed to read this. I thanked her and placed it on my pile of books to read. Promtly forgetting it. Then last week another handed me this book and said that if I had not read it I should and gave me it to me. I took it home then realizing it was the same book. Following is a review from Reed Business Information, Inc. Product Description:

“When the young Russian psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi set out on an impetuous journey into the snowbound Altai Mountains of Siberia, she never dreamed that her experience there would shatter and rebuild her view of reality. Among the wintry villages and pine forests of Siberia, guided by mysterious native sages, Kharitidi unearthed the wellspring of the worlds mystical traditions, discovered deep secrets of healing and magic, and encountered revolutionary teachings about the true nature of the human soul. Entering the Circle shares her thrilling adventure–and her stunning discoveries–with the world. As a dedicated young psychiatrist at an austere state hospital in the former Soviet Union, Olga Kharitidi battled the difficulties of Soviet life and the constraints of medical science in her fight to save her suffering patients. Joining an ailing friend on a spur-of-the-moment trip into Siberia’s Altai Mountains, Kharitidi was launched on an unexpected journey of revelation when she was taken into apprenticeship by an enigmatic native shaman. The wild adventure that followed would forever change Kharitidi’s view of healing, science, consciousness–and the potential of the human soul itself. Entering the Circle shares Kharitidi’s remarkable true story and the revelatory teachings she received during her sojourn with mysterious sages of Siberia. Guided through bizarre, magical, and often terrifying experiences by her shaman-teacher Umai–and by a radical Soviet physicist whose studies challenged the very nature of reality–Kharitidi unlocked a storehouse of spiritual learning that had lain hidden in inaccessible Siberia for centuries. Deep in Siberia, Kharitidi’s path of knowledge led her ever closer to unlocking the secrets of Belovodia, also known as Shambala, a fabled civilization of highly evolved humans who have for eons spread their sacred knowledge through the world’s great faiths, including Buddhism, Christian mysticism, Sufism, and Vedic Hinduism. She learned, through firsthand experience, that waking reality–the fabric of our daily lives–is only the near shore of our Spirit Lake, the sea of…..(?)”

The name of the book is ~ "Entering the Circle - Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist" by Olga Kharitidi. Olga Kharitidi makes reference to a frozen mummy discovered in 1993. Apparently 1 of aprox 700 other tombs in the area.

‎"In 1993 a frozen mummy nicknamed 'The Ice Maiden' was discovered in the Altai Mountains in Siberia (see image). The unique preservation of this tattooed mummy and the warming Altai climate prompted Russian archaeologists to transport her... to the Siberian capital of Novosibirsk for scientific study. The removal resulted in political unrest in the local shaman community, located in the Kosh-Agach region, who demanded that the mummy be reinterred. However, reluctant to leave the mummy to deteriorate, the scientists refused to return it to its thawing grave. After 16 years of debate, a petition with almost 5,000 signatures and a decision by the central government in Moscow, the plan is to return the mummy to a purpose-built exhibit in the museum at Gorno-Altaisk in the Altai region3."

'The Ice Maiden' has designs tatooed over her body which the book has illustrated at the start of each chapter. Olga Kharitidi's book refers to humans awaking to our consciousness. I find it extraordinary that this is occuring alongside the discovery of these tombs. I am reminded of the talk I went to by the Shaman Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq from Greenland who spoke of the plight of the northern lands ice melt which is linked to the Western Man's heart being frozen. The Western Man/Ego has frozen those links to ancient Wisdom/Spirit. And we think that the more we dig the more we x-ray examin and expose the more answers we find. In fact we risk loosing further discoveries and mystery. If we dismantle an intricate clock and examin all it's pieces. Will we understand the craftmanship? Will know how to piece the clock back? Will we understand time?

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