Monday, 22 July 2013

Lost in Translation

It has been some considerable time since I wrote in my Blog. And that too was at Full Moon. And I choose to check in on the day after the last teaching day of my 2 year School of Intuition Healing (SIH) Course. I will roughly have 1 month till the practical exam and then...well new beginnings.

I have found with studying with SIH that the mechanics of working Spiritually and psychically are explored, defined and given clear instructions on 'how to'. The process is de-mystified. Tools are sharpened up. This deepens the experience. Making the Healing more specific, acurate and profound. And this I realise goes against the approach in many esoteric schools - especially ones which have degrees of initiation. For the teaching that is shared in the SIH is about making Spirituality and Healing accessible to more. And it does not make the 'magic' less. Which I think is the fear many would have of this approach.

I found myself yet again, after the class trying to explain to another student that Shamanism did not mean just working with Nature, Earth, Elementals etc. Shamanism is working with all realms. That in my understanding from my explorations; what is taught at SIH and other Spiritual/Psychic contexts - following on from the teachings of Alice Bailey and/or Madam Blavatsky (19th C and 20 C Western Esoteric Schools), is in fact a remembering, a reclaiming, an evolution from what was practiced and known in Ancient Shamanism to the present day. Of course I cannot prove this hypothesis. I can only say that I experience this from a 'knowing place' and from my own memories from Past lives. Also from what I have understood from my various investigations - books I've read on the subject and indigenous people who are Shamans who I have met and have shared their own ancestral beliefs and traditions.

This evolution is I think necessary. And I believe as does Carolyn Myss; that many more people are now being called to be Healers - and I use that term in a wide sense to include people who are artists for instance or people who embody their Spirituality in their interactions in the wider world/contexts in a range of roles. And many of those people are living part of society. They have jobs and families, children etc. And slowly bit by bit more people are exploring different Spiritual approaches. I think as more people expand from the limits of the Head space to a more expansive Heart Space - then we all will have less need for divisions/boxes/labels. I haven't yet met another student at SIH who has explored or experienced Shamanic context or WitchCraft like me. However, my fellow SIH students are interested, curious and open minded and I try to share my understanding. Which at times can be a challenge as I can struggle with translation. As I did tonight with my fellow students Guide. But this experience was an expansive one. And gave me a further appreciation and understanding as to what resonates with me. It is good to be stretched so we grow as we move beyond our comfort zones.


Amber said...

Fascinating piece, great to have you back! I think if you had let yourself be moved as you would do in a shamanic context to physicality and song, it would have been an awesome experience for you both...

Silver Fox said...

Thank you Amber :o)