Thursday, 22 August 2013

"Indigenous people are indigenous because there are no machines between them and their gods. There are no machines barring the door to the Spirit World where one can enter in and listen to what is going on within at a deep level, participating in the vibration of Nature. Where machines speak in place of gods, people are hard put to listen, even more hard to put to vibrate with the realm of nature"
Malidome Some 'Ritual, Power, Healing and community'.

Aluna - Heart of the World - Kogi Tribe -

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Doonveragh Mountain Village County Sligo Ireland in May 2013

Never under estimate intuition. I have been asking myself how can I support Healing of toxins both personal and environmental - as for me both are interlinked for we are part of Nature and not separate and sitting on my shelf was just the book 'Medicine for the Earth' by Sandra Ingerman.

Sandra Ingerman sites various miraculous Healing of both individuals and environments. And she links the areas that I have been passionate about including Alchemy, as key to her model reference to Healing. The Spiritual journey of the Alchemists was physical and metaphorical. So the Transmutation of Lead to Gold symbolises the Healing journey. Gold being union with the Divine. All our journeys are to connect with the Divine in us all. And I have been underlining nearly every sentence as someone who resonates - for at times I find it is needed to have another's experience, voice with eloquence - to reflect and even at times validate. Like a bell being sounded. I am reminded - I am where I am meant to be.

Sandra refers to working with communities to purify polluted waters. Which is one of the reasons I have been drawn to read this book. Given my focus on Balcombe and the Anti-Fracking Campaign. I sincerely pray that we won't have to be Healing the Waters at Balcombe. Though many waters of the world has already been polluted by Fracking. And so I ask myself to remember that I will be called to work with individuals and the environment when it is meant. There are times where people with specific skill sets are needed. It's great to see references to Doreen Valiente to Malidome Some - both who I have loved reading. More people involved in Healing are now moving between the different worlds/models/traditions/teachings of Healing. Here's a quote from the Introduction:

"In ancient times ordinary reality and the nonordinary realms were not separate. The gods and goddesses roamed the earth, hence the stories of their human and spiritual forms spoken of in Egypt. But now the veils between the worlds are closed. We are so out of touch with our own beauty and essence that the illusions we believe are clouding the truth and our reality has become murky. It is time to reopen the curtain and again call the spiritual realms down to earth so that we may clearly see the perfection in all things. We must once again access the spiritual realms and divine power to create miraculous healing. As Albert Einstein said, 'Mysticality is the power of all true science'.
According to  Hindu legend, we are living in the time of the Kali Yuga, a dark age for humankind. I believe this darkness refers to when the veils between the worlds are closed, separating us from the divine and the spiritual realms and therefore separating us form our divinity. Herein lies the 'fall from grace'. The fall to grace will come when we once again link with the spiritual forces that create magic and meaning in our lives. This connection will return to us the harmony necessary to transmute illness in ourselves and our environment'' p9-10

The photo that I have been drawn to link this posting with is very dear to me. On visiting this Village I was given a profound opening to the people who lived there. I was given a vision facilitated by an Elder from that ancient Village. The energy was of a high clear vibration and the people thrived so much so there were so many living in close proximity which I found extra-ordinary! I could hear all the laughter of the children and the ease this many people were able to live together. They lived slightly separately from others local to the country then and, were highly evolved and self sufficient. Living at oneness within Nature and Spirit. They were and still are guardians of the Land and are proud standing tall and are cautious about allowing people access to their world beneath the Veil. The main Elder showed me a spiral in such a passionate way I was quiet surprised. "This means everything" was all that he said. And so they are very much connected to the Land and this realm. I was therefore extremely honoured to be gifted with this experience. The people at Doonveragh were connected with Knocknarae Cairn which I also had a profound experience in which I was able to experience as Sandra describes - The Goddess walking the Earth. And believe me I do not say this lightly but most humbly. And because my experiences were so Divine it has taken me a little while to post them on this blog. I write this while I am still letting these experiences evolve & unfold - still not yet fully understanding their significance.

Knocknarae somtimes called Queen Maeves Cairn - 
County Sligo - May 2013

Link to the brilliant channelled book 'The Sidhe' by John Matthews