Sunday, 21 February 2010

To my Arctic Sisters

The time for me spent with you all was precious and powerful
where we were mirrored in the land.
Where the stars at our feet were light when I fell deep
I feared I would drown in their softness.
Where the white was not white but reflected the rainbow.
Where Spruce trees as black stars
reaching up to twinkling eyes,
draws life from deep in the earth.
Where the sleeping bear dreams
a laugh that rumbled deep in our bellies.
Where I could feel thunder crack of ice
as my feet dared to walk naked and bare,
Upon black waters hiding silver flares
and black wings that sliced the blue sky.
Where the stillness held my grief and gave eternity to joy.
Where as I embraced the cold that cut
I connected to our brightest golden star.
Where I fell into a Vast Love.
silver fox