Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Autumn Delights

Many thanks for Moonroot posting Autumn Senses ~ I loved it so much here are mine...

Five Autumn Sights
Crisp blue morning sky ~ Blue evening sky with turkish delight orange ~ sun light shining through gold coloured leaves ~ mist laying low on land ~ cobwebs covered in dew.

Five Autumn Smells
Hot Chocolate ~ Wood burning on a fire ~ leaf laden woodland ground ~ toasted crumpets with butter ~ cold harp air.

Five Autumn Sounds
Crows crying, croaking and calling! ~ Wind shaking the tree leaves ~ Wind rattling window ~ rain tapping on roof ~ fire crackling.

Five Autumn Tastes
Roasted Chicken english style with potatoes, parsnips, bread sauce, sweet carrots and loads of gravy! Not sure if that is more or less of Five?!

Five Autumn Sensations
Holding hands with my love warm on the palms cold on the outside, cold tip of my nose, winds shifting and moving against my skin, shorter daylight ~ coming home in the dark ~ waking up in the dark, goose pimpled skin with warm belly.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Place of Power

I stand on a mountain top and can see in all directions,
Infront, to the sides, below, above, inwards, outwards
to my left and to my right.
I am alive and in the moment.
Anything is possible.
I have clear vision. Clarity.
I have choice.

I go beyond what my mind thinks is reasonable.
I go beyond what my mind thinks you or I are.
This is the Place of Power.
This is what Power can BE.
Full of life
Full of grace
Full of Loving
For my Beloved

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Be here Now!

After many circle castings over the years I have ~ along with others ~ said 'Be Here Now!'. Last night I was with the experience of feeling alive and recalling other times where I felt similar.
What occurred to me was I have felt like this when I do not feel in control, when I am in unfamiliar situations, where I have consciously put myself in environments of change, transition where I am fully present to the moment.
In the past when I said 'Be Here Now!' where I often asked what or who I might be saying 'Be Here Now!' to ~ I have moved to being aware/present with consciously saying this to myself and my witnesses. 'Be here now'! then takes on a further depth for me.
What has been present with me is my awareness that it is me/I who was/is having a problem being present ~ being fully present with my centre~heart. And how simplistic let alone arrogrant it could be for me to proclaim outwards 'Be Here Now!'. Surely it is about the clarity of my intention.
Can I risk being fully present ~ fully present with where I am ~ then surely I would be getting closer to the Divine that is ever present. Risking being open and vulernable instead of hard and brittle.
Working magically for me would therefore include being respectful, being fully conscious and aware of my choices, being present with creativity that I create my world, being fully responsibilty. Being alive. Open.

Monday, 1 October 2007

The Chasm of Fire

"And so it slipped itself into my heart, silently, imperceptibly, and I looked at it with wonder. It was still, small, a light-blue flame trembling softly and it had the infinite sweetness of first love, like an offering of fragrant flowers made with gentle hands, the heart full of stillness and wonder and peace." Irina Tweedie.