Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Inspire:1. to exert a stimulating or beneficial effect upon a person or invigorate. 2. To arouse, stir. 3. To prompt or instigate; give rise to. 4. To guide or arouse by divine influence or inspiration. 5. To take or draw {air} into the lungs. 6. To breathe into or upon. Collins Concise Dictionary.

I went to a talk by Richard Olivier on Ethical Leadership at Alternatives Piccadilly yesterday. He truly embodied what he works for and was inspired. At the start of his talk he posed these questions;
Are you taking Leadership of your own life? Are you empowered and powerful?
What is the territory you can appropriately manage?
How connected are you to Stewardship?
Are you working holistically {ie integrating Mind/Body/Spirit or 3 Souls/Huna} ~ in Shakespeare's term your 'Single State'?
What is the territory you can appropriately manage?

From this place of being our own Authority, Richard then made the link to Leaders. He made reference to the Sacred Kingship role of being able to walk around his/her territory/Ambit. Ambit is the root for Ambition. Sacred Kingship acknowledges the role of channeling the energy focused onto/channelled/directed by the community/people. Sacred Kingship is about Service and Stewardship. Sacrifice to the greater good. Being a pagan I naturally am familiar/have an interest with the 'old ways' of our land which are connected to Sacred Kingship/Queenship; that acknowledge the natural cycle in myths of Gods and Goddess who died or were sacrificed only to be reborn again in Spring. {For a well researched comprehensive history of customs and beliefs of Britain I recommend: Ronald Hutton 'The Stations of The Sun'.}

Richard talked of stages of Leadership the first one being Drive. This is needed for initiating projects. Expansion.
After the initial stage came a time for Transition and withholding ambition. Taking a breath.
It is at this stage that it is useful to pose these questions such as;
Am I in the right ambit? Am in the right place? Am I doing what I was born to do/Living my Life's purpose? Where I find myself is this where I thought I was going? Such questions are therefore also vital for groups joined in a shared venture to ask not just for themselves but also for the group.

The first stage of Leadership is very easy to get addicted to as it creates and needs a lot of energy. Individuals and groups can become obsessed with this energy and heightened adrenalin. Become narcissistic. Individuals in the Leadership role can mistakenly believe this focused energy directed towards them, is not part of an integral interconnected system in which they are service to. But was created by them and for their needs and are no longer are humble. Such leaders are like Black holes.
Unfortunately it as that time that Leaders can only bare people who flatter and agree with them. Who do not question or challenge. But surround themselves with 'Yes men' who in turn need their Leader to stay in order to safe guard their own positions. So the dysfunctional system is perpetuated.

To illustrate an alternative model to our western power-over {Dreaming The Dark ~ Starhawk} structure Richard referred to Transition Town Projects {which I've referred to in a previous post and is included in my Links} who as part of their structure have it that people who take on Leadership roles have to stand down after a year. So hopefully limiting unethical leaderships.

Ethical Leaders give out more energy than they receive. Are as Shining Suns. And as Crowns worn by Kings & Queens; Leaders symbolically have antenna which connect to the higher good.

" A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral" Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


Catrien Ross said...

Dragonfly, thank you very much for your comment on my blog. And thank you for sharing this important information, and for the encouraging Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote. Don't you think that society helps to create unethical leaders because after that first rush of creative energy many of us abandon our continued involvement? We relinquish our personal connection to our own inner power and are quite content to let someone else do the "leading" for us while we continue living pretty much the same as always - it so often seems to easier or more comfortable that way. We do not challenge or question a so-called leader because we don't even begin to question or challenge ourselves. From the foot of Mount Fuji, warm greetings to you - Catrien Ross.

Silver Fox said...

Well I couldn't have put it better!...and that why it is so 'perfect' that Richard spoke of Leadership holistically as it is so linked with and that is an internal personal process as much as an external and group process. As Starhawk penned Power-with-in.
A dear friend of mine shared that a teacher of her descibed the experience of being powerful...being full of power and that power is Divine.
So yes I reasonate with what you say as I think for me that echoes mystery traditions such as Alchemy and/or Gnosticism which speak of humans reconnection with Divinity that is within. And that is waking up from our sleep state...and waking up can be painful as the affect ripples out. Warm Spring greetings to you Catrien :o)

Catrien Ross said...

Silver Fox, well you shaman, you. There has clearly been some shape-shifting which emerged when I was looking the other way. I have been calling you Dragonfly, and meantime you have metamorphosed into a Silver Fox - both wonderfully vibrant, beautiful, and living gifts. Forgive my short lapse in attention - I am back now. Perhaps you can attribute it to what has been happening here at Mount Fuji. Please visit my latest blog post and look for yourself. You may want to recollect all the wonder and beauty in this world, and cast that thought as balm. Greetings to you, Silver Fox - Catrien Ross.

Silver Fox said...

Hello Catrien...your post has made me not only smile but laugh!...umm I could be really new age and call myself dragon~fly~over~Silver~Fox ~Moon~Woman etc ...thanks I'll drop by yours ;o)

Tess said...

Well what an interesting post. I knew that Olivier did leadership work but hadn't realised it was so radical.
And I never thought of ambit in that separate way as being the root of ambition. Lots of food for thought.
(And I've just spent a few happy minutes trawling YouTube for the famous Henry V speech!)

Silver Fox said...

Hi Tess..well with regards to Richard Olivier being raidcal...he was also part of a creative group with Mark Rylance and Brian Bates that encompassed the esoteric/shamanic approach. It is through my liking both the work of Brian Bates, and the work of Mark Rylance which links in with the Esoteric and Shakespeare Authorship issue that I was curious to see what Richard Olivier is up to and then noticed this talk at Alternatives. While Mark Rylance was at the Globe other people were there working with Mark and/or the theatre such as Peter Dawkins {who believes that Shakespeare's work was a vessel for Francis Bacon} and Stewart Pearce...I would be interested to hear Richard Olivier's take on Shakespeare Authorship...