Thursday, 13 May 2010

A doodle during 3 1/2 hour initial child protection meeting ~ the decision was to place the child on the cp register. I had fought for months to have this meeting. A team of 15 professionals some of whom I had never met before crushed into a room ~ the number alone I would have thought a clear enough sign of the severity of the situation. However we battled on until the decision could be made.
I remind myself there is change.
So alongside this process I drew~ a root and anchor during the process. I wasn't fully aware of what was emerging until the end. I was for a while resistant to a growing black shape. I thought ahh an ugly blob...growing darkness! Then I saw what had emerged ~ a shape dancing, leaping, stretching.
To the right a shield made of a cobweb.
I reflect on how spiders hold this light and dark. So often I have struggled with how I percieve spiders. How much emotion and human fantasy spiders have had projected onto them. And I remember how I have struggled in being with this family. How I have percieved how comfortable they seem with their situation. How often they all have said, including the child, that they want everyone to leave them alone.
I contemplate how perception creates reality.
Spiders with there many feet are so sensitive. Spinning webs that glisten with dew. So light but so strong. They have an important place in nature and are filled with beauty.

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