Sunday, 13 June 2010

Holy Grail of the Unconscious

The very first book that I read that guided me through psychotherapy and spirituality when I was 17 was 'Man and His Symbols' by Carl Jung.
Now Jung's infamous book 'The Red Book' has been translated and published. To say that I am excited would be bit of an understatement! It is his diary of his own journey through his underworld. Unfinished and locked away. There is still ccontroversy over its publication.
"Some people feel that nobody should read the book, and some feel that everybody should read it. The truth is, nobody really knows. Most of what has been said about the book — what it is, what it means — is the product of guesswork, because from the time it was begun in 1914 in a smallish town in Switzerland, it seems that only about two dozen people have managed to read or even have much of a look at it.
Of those who did see it, at least one person, an educated Englishwoman who was allowed to read some of the book in the 1920s, thought it held infinite wisdom — “There are people in my country who would read it from cover to cover without stopping to breathe scarcely,” she wrote" (1)
Here are 3 links:

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2 Talks at Treadwells
Quest for the Grail brief intro 1 persons journey

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