Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Wheels Turning

Yesterday I was on the underground and a man with a huge rucksack and a bulging coat, long hair bustled onto the carriage. The train was delayed and he stuck his head out of the carriage and shouted 'When you are ready driver!' ~shortly after the train pulled out and he exclaiming 'always works!’ This man had his back to the main carriage and proceeded to light a cigarette after which smoking he threw down by the door and extinguished by pouring a canned drink onto it. I studied this man and never saw his face. His clothes were well kept and washed. However, he was I decided an outsider. Why? And this thought troubled me. As soon as I had thought it I thanked him for being.
'The Faery Teachings' by Orion Foxwood. Here I quote:
'To truly look into who we are means to delve into the 'River of Blood', that deep ancestral wellspring within us that contains the voices of our bloodline and all that we have experienced in our journeys through flesh, form and the inner worlds. Deeper and deeper we go, passing through the layers of voices within us until we approach the 'voice of one' {R.J Stewart} the 'voice that utters creation' that speaks of 'who we truly are'. In this journey we discover the living community that comprises our physical forms and that lives within our blood. For indeed our bodies, our blood and our life walk are sacred ~ and everything matters. We are, as we will explore in the following chapters, living communities within ourselves.
In the quest for an answer to the first question {who am I}, we discover our hardships and difficulties are the vice which presses the coal of thy potential to the diamond of thy becoming. Again, everything matters. A crucial aspect to answering this question is to understand that 'we see the world from where we stand'.

I am left still wanting to have seen that man on the underground face...what curiosity would have been quenched? What judgments might I have made? I remember reading Luisah Teish Jambalaya in which she wrote about Spirits ~ those who walk the edge and that it is important to take note of what message these Spirits might be saying. I remember her saying they can look very convincing as alive human! Which interestingly Orion Foxwood speaks about in his book and how important it is to ask beings who appear who they are as sometimes the Fey can take the guise of our imagination or our lost beloved.
This seems to me so obvious but I do not recollect actually checking this. Asking. Seems to me this would be a useful fundamental tool for anyone working with Spirit. As would checking intention.
As for the man on the train. What was his intention. For me though he was walking the edge and hid his face. His presence was incredibly powerful and pervasive. Was he a spirit... a ghost...was he forgotten?

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