Monday, 19 April 2010

5th day silence in the sky and a roar in the land

1st the banking crisis now that volcano all eyes are on Iceland the land of Fire and Ice. Go to
for news from Icelands perspective ~ the affect on their wildlife and farms. Here in the UK our sky's are silent accept the sound of wind, rain and birds.
People are torn between loving and fearing the awesome power of Mother Earth.
I for one am preparing not to be travelling to Hungry for a workshop on Fire Copper Amber the irony not being lost on me.
I look up at the sky in the day and I do not see the fine ash or a cloud in the sky but the sunsets are a deep enduring burning red.
I was feeling torn on whether I should be going because of the environmental impact. Now the decision looks like that I might not go and I find myself releaved. Releaved that I am so vulnerable.
That I am part of something bigger than this city of minds.
So it is at times like this that we are reminded that we are on this huge star ~ like the time I experienced the Northern Lights and the eclipse of the sun.
And if we view this star as our body where does that place Iceland?
I wonder if it is our Heart? And where is this Heart ~ in the Centre of the Earth.


Margaret said...

I'm really disappointed the mainstream media hasn't focused any attention at all on what is going on in Iceland itself. It seems like all the news is about how much the eruption is costing airlines. Hardly anything about the environmental or social impact. Great post!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks Margaret ~ exactly I have been disgusted re: the news and also v insular and selfish...and down right stuborn. We in the western domesticated society have forgotten how to truly live and that we are all connected and need one another. How precious and unique life is. How beautiful. I feel for Iceland and how much they are 'holding' and having to deal with on many many levels...Thank you for your comment :o)