Thursday, 1 April 2010


Interview with the eloquent and beautiful Emma Restall Orr ~ English Druidess.
Hear her gentle passion for honouring and celebrating life and English heritage; for honouring our Ancestors bones in the earth and voices carried in the wind. This I feel is so current not only for me so soon after seeing the play Jerusalem by Jez Butterwort {for the second time} but others too. I am reminded of the end of the play where Johnny Byron picks up a handful of earth he begins his invocation "He who steps in my blood..." until beating the drum relentlessly ~ he pounds on and on ~ calling his Ancestors until the curtain falls.
Emma's use of language is exquisite in it's precision and thoughtfulness. Like a poet she brings her subject into sharp focus at the same time illuminating many worlds ~ a lake with depths unfathomable where sun light dances on the surface.
I am deeply moved and would recommend this to those who have forgotten their connection and/or are curious ~ and those who would feel a deep resonance having their experience shared in words. Truly inspiring :~

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