Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cadair Idris

And so I return, once again from the mountain lake formed from ice.
To drink in ancient memory.
To listen to the Song
Distant soft thunder like bees.
To drink in the nectar of a million stars.
Birthing and dying.
To see the depths blue black dive into Sky.
To touch the light swimming buried deep
reflecting so bright above.
To stare into the guardians bright yellow Eyes
 Masked white by sea bird face.
At once fierce clear and soft, paddling on the water or soaring in the clouds.
In sky's clear blue or sharp black with rain.
Their calls cry shot arrow from the winds.
To shelter beside tender violet flower heads, barely nodding
Silently solitary sheltering in the edge.
I wake alive
Skin to earth
Bone to stone.
Breath to water.


Amber said...

Beautiful words about the soul of a very special place, glad you kept hold of this from your feelings expressed last night

Silver Fox said...

It was important for me to focus on what really matters. Thank you again xxx