Saturday, 26 December 2009


The year dwindles and glows
to December's red jewel
my birth month.

The sky blushes,
and lays it cheek
on the sparkling fields.

Then dusk swaddles the cattle,
their silhouettes
simple as faith.

These nights are gifts,
our hands unwrapping the darkness
to see what we have.

The train rushes, ecstatic,
to where you are,
my bright star.

Carol Ann Duffy {2005}


Catrien Ross said...

Dragonfly, thank you for sharing this. Being willing to come to the edge so often involves stretching ourselves into the unfamiliar. The unfamiliar engenders panic. But what if someone farther along the path gives us a little push? The edge loses its terror and becomes the platform that launches us into flight.

DragonFly said...

I love this poem and I still get great joy that a woman and lesbian is poet laureate!