Sunday, 27 December 2009

Song of Earths Heart

Silver blue sky.
Lay this heavy head
down to earth.
Ear to mouth.

Silver face.
Blade peel back memories,
so I can fly.
Mouth to ear.

silver fox


Tess said...

This is beautiful! Love the rhythm of it, the circularity.

Thank you for linking to my blog and I'm going to enjoy exploring some of your links - I already know Treadwells and Seventh Wave well.

DragonFly said...

Hello Tess, thank you :o)...Carolyn Hillyer and her work is awesome. I have had the pleasure and honor to have seen her latest work in the flesh. And Treadwells is a treasure chest of curious, diverse, rich, imaginative works of people ~ in the talks, books and workshops!
I'm looking forward to seeing more from your Blog!
Happy New Year! Elizabeth