Sunday, 5 February 2012

Journey to the Moon

Blanket of snow on ground, sky,

White grey wrap muffling noise.

So stilled, quiet, ready to feel.
Creaking scratch of my eyes.

Heavy in body I arrive.
So this is me remembering childish wonder

How cold is it in space?
Is it colder than the Arctic in midwinder?

Then I remember we walked on the moon and survived.
And didn't die of the cold. Or die of the wonder.

That's if you believe we did actually go to the moon....


Amber said...

Beautiful! Very evocative and moving

Silver Fox said...

to think to have worried that I could have forgotten that experience as if it is not still living and breathing there is no division. So wonderful to have shared such a profound experience with others. And memory is not just a thinking process it is deep feeling process. Ongoing.