Thursday, 23 February 2012


When you become one with Source, fear becomes just a strange word without any meaning

Last weekend on the Healing course at the School of Intuition and Healing ~ ~ 
we had been focusing on the Subtle Bodies which make up the aura/ energy field around the body. One particular exercise I found particularly powerful was when the teacher said words while we focused on our own Subtle Bodies. We were asked to sense any changes be that colour, image or density as she said a series of words which included War, Shame and Love.What I quickly realised was that as soon as an association/feeling/experience was felt with that word, there was an immediate effect on the Subtle Bodies. And more than that, the affect lingered. This exercise gave an invaluable learning that was tangible. More than a theory or idea stuck in the head/ego. This was a learning we could touch and feel. An energy. A vibration.
IAs I have continued my journey of the Black Sun/Dancing with my Shadow this week. One experience has lifted and uplifted me. That is gratitude.
My memory of how that word has been mis-used was rather persistent. Too often the word gratitude would come after 'should'. A threat smothering and denying feelings. Negating it's true meaning. Not surprising this would quickly be followed by a feeling of confusion and guilt. But what was I guilty of?
This confusion of what gratitude could mean caused me to wondered whether my experience could be described as gratitude. And I realised how vital language is. For owning and sharing experience.
I quickly realized my experience was not how I have heard the word being used with the negative phrase of "you will be grateful". Or being said like a dry fill in, padding out the sentence. Or as a throw away flippant "thank you".
My experience was and is as a rush of joyful wonder. A sensuality ready to soak up. A desire to dive in and let go. An awareness of being awake. Fully in the moment. This was and is indeed pleasure. That I felt in my cells. My body experiencing waves when I am connected with Source. And so I have my 8 year old self to thank. And I know that should I experience feelings of despair, isolation or fear. I have in my cellular memories the experience of gratitude. And to call that energy and experience back all one needs to do is to say the word ~ gratitude. And feel that vibration from inside to outside. Outside to inside. Everything carrying sound.

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Catrien Ross said...

Silver Fox:

Thank you for your beautiful insights. Words are one type of voice that can penetrate and affect our subtle energy body. There are many voices in the world.

Please enjoy these voices from Aokigahara, the "sea of trees" at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan in my YouTube video.

Lovely to be connecting with you again - Catrien Ross at the foot of Mount Fuji.