Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Angel from God - Thursday, 19th July, 2007

Last night I watched 'My name is Earl' - varies in quality but is touching and delightful. This episode Earl was an Angel - sign from God for a character played by Roxanne. He very eliquently said that if she chose to see him as the Angel to allow her/give herself permission to be who she truly was then great!

This morning an Angel sold me the 'Big Issue' - homeless magazine. He always says 'God Bless you'. Such a gift. A black guy who still has the rough edges of smoking too much grass...and when he says 'God' it doesn't come with Dogma or 'you shoulds'. Just a gift. And my heart sings when he says it. And I am hesitant in naming him as an Angel. Names have such power and words come with such ownership or this dogma or this meaning.

I have ordered the book - Wild: An Elemental Journey by Jay Griffiths. Here is a quote from a review in the Guardian newspaper by Mark Cocker: "The wilderness for her always in a distant setting, such as the Amazon or the Australian outback. She has nothing to say on wilderness at home, nor on more positive European responses to the wild. To give one example, the blackbird I can hear singing now in my garden as I write is a point of contact between the cultural and the wild. Our gardens are a form of open woodland, often richer in wildlife than the surrounding farmland. Blackbirds thrive better in gardens than in any other habitat. The reason Amerindians don't fear and destroy the forest is tha that they have domesticated it by their knowledge and their cultural appropiation of its qualities. In short, the rainforest is for them a form of garden".

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