Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mystery - Friday, 20th July, 2007

I loved these quotes on website for Feri Camp May 07

"Mighty Guardians of the Elements of Life!" In doing so, we are calling upon the vast Beings who Guard the Elements of Life! Our Guardians are not representatives of the Elements. They not only have the Elements of Life within them, they are the Elements of Life Itself; the stuff of creation; Life-force in its most raw, power full and unmitigated form."

"We not only have but are the Circumference and the Center of the Elements of Life. As such, we are the presence of the Mighty Ones."

"When invoking the Guardians, we call upon the Seventh who is the Center and Circumference of All. Who/What we are invoking is the Self in Alignment. Each of us, individually, is the Seventh Guardian."

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