Tuesday, 20 November 2007


I have bought the book 'The Book of Secrets' by Deepak Chopra. I have been dipping into it....in the Chapter 'The Universe Thinks Through You' Deepak speaks about the mind moving between two positions ~ Free Will and Determinism. Some people say they come from Free Will where all choice is their own. While others are more Determinist ~ like those believing their actions are the Will of an outside being 'God. Deepak also adds a third grouping who 'sit on the fence'. Connected to this Deepak writes about how the mind fixes on cause and effect. This is the ultimate physical reality. However, he says there is another reality which is outside of this dualism which is Being itself. This Being merges both the Free Will and Determinism.

All this theory sound grand to me. However, my experience is that I am well and truly stuck in between dualism of my mind and Determinism of how I experience myself as part of the system. Stuck. So I rage, cry and grieve.

Maybe there is another way?

I think of Moonroot who found another way out of the cancelling of Avalon WitchCamp to the Summer Gathering. A Third road. That is what I would like to aspire to more. Letting go so that I can embrace life...creativity....

Today the Urban Angel gave me a Xmas Card this morning. I am aware how open he is every time I pass him in the morning and how vunerable he appeared to me when he fumbled in his pocket for the card. I am sure being Homeless he has so often been overlooked and dismissed. But yet he celebrates life and is so resiliant. In a huge city where intimacy ~ communion ~ community is so fragile this is a gift.


Moonroot said...

Wouldn't life be so much easier if the third road was easier to see? So often it's there but we just don't see it - perhaps we get too bogged down in dualistic thinking and only see the 'either/or's instead of the 'and's and the 'what if's.
Thanks for the kind words!

dragonfly said...

Thank you Moonroot...and me thinks hindsight is always easy!
And maybe that is the 'mystery' of the third road when we see it ~ it is so clear.
Maybe I can call on Dragonfly's medicine more ~ seeing from different angles/views ~ being with change and transformation ~ non-attachment.....